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Scale your SaaS business.

I work with dedicated SaaS founders and help them get to the next level, transforming them into high performing SaaS founder. I work with a very limited number of clients at a time.

Johan de Wit - SaaS Bazen

How I help SaaS founders like you

Building and scaling a SaaS business is tough. Discover best practices, benefit from the learnings of other SaaS founders and skip costly mistakes.

Find your focus

Whatever phase you are in; your resources are precious. Focus is key: discover the growth opportunities that are right in front of you and work with full commitment on the focus areas where you will make the most impact.



implement your growth engine

Implement your growth engine

Learn the SaaS Marketing Framework and implement the 6 levels of B2B SaaS Marketing, which will put your SaaS business in the highest growth gear.



become a powerful decision maker

Become a powerful decision maker

Develop the ability to keep your eyes on the ball, build in calm for making important decisions and develop a decision filter for making the right decisions to move yourself, your team and your business as a whole forward.



?? A podcast with 75+ hours of actionable SaaS insights 

Listen to the SaaS Bazen Podcast (Dutch), hosted by me. Over 75 hours of actionable insights from conversations with SaaS founders.

Johan de Wit - SaaS Bazen
Johan de Wit

About me 

Dutch, software geek, runner, book fanatic, productivity hacker
Helped 45+ B2B SaaS companies build their commercial process
Podcast host, spoken to 75+ SaaS founders, investors and industry experts
Creator of the SaaS Bazen Community (??), the largest B2B SaaS founders network in the Netherlands
Creator of the SaaS Marketing Framework
Coach to high performing SaaS founders
Founder of and shareholder of several SaaS / tech startups

SaaS Bazen



Get in touch

I take on very limited 1:1 coaching sessions. Leave a message to see if we are a fit.