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My mission is to help SaaS founders grow their business. To make the partnership a success I commit to a very select number of founders simultaneously. Please fill out the form to discuss partnership opportunities.

My time is the most scarce resource of them all. So how about spending 5 hours in a workshop on building our new SaaS business?

The best time investment I have made in a long, long time! High information density, completely tailored to our unique venture and a rapid fire of eyeopeners. These 5 hours are going to payback many times over in the future by avoiding pitfalls and getting onto a fast track to success.
Only regret is not having met Johan earlier…

The next time investment I’m going to make is listening to all episodes of the Saas Bazen podcast.

Bertus Dispa, Solutions Architect en founder 9 Knots Business Solutions en Queenmaker